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Web Services Glossary

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.EDU - The top-level domain reserved for educational institutions. The institutions must be four-year degree-granting colleges or universities.

E-mail - Electronic mail. Transmitted through the Internet.

E-mail Forwarding - A service that directs e-mail messages sent to one address to another address. E-mail forwarding is analogous to call forwarding for telephones.

E-mail - IMAP (see Internet Message Access Protocol)

E-mail - POP3 (see Post Office Protocol, Version 3)

E-mail - Web-based (see Web-Based Email)

Expired Domain - A domain name whose renewal date has passed, but which has not yet been dropped from the domain name system.



Forwarding - The process of redirecting queries related to a domain name (such as request for a web page or e-mail directed to the name) to the actual locations related to that information.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) A networking standard for transferring files from one computer to another over the Internet. FTP is used to upload files to a Web server.



.GOV - The top-level domain reserved for agencies, departments, and branches of the United States Federal Government. Registration of .gov domains is handled by the General Services Administration (GSA).



Hostname - The unique name by which a computer is known on a network, used to identify it when sending and receiving e-mail, Usenet news, or other forms of electronic information interchange such as Web hosting.

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) - The language used to create Web pages. HTML code consists of formatting instructions called "tags," which are distinguished by their surrounding angle brackets ("<" and ">").

HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) - The set of networking standards used to exchange information over the World Wide Web. The "http://" at the beginning of every Web address tells a Web browser that a document is a Web page.

HTTPS (or SHTTP) Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol - The set of networking standards for exchanging files in an encrypted format over the World Wide Web. If a web address begins with "https://," it is likely a part of a secure site.

Hyperlink - A graphic or piece of text in a Web page that, when clicked with a mouse, causes another file on the Web to be accessed. The HTML code used to create a hyperlink includes the Web address (URL) of the file to which it points.


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