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Web Services Glossary

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NamePrivacy Service - see WHOIS NamePrivacy Service

Name Server - A computer that maps domain names (such as "") to IP addresses (such as ""). For a domain name to be functional, it must be associated with at least one name server.

Name Service (see Domain Name Service)

Network - A system of computers, databases, and other components connected by communications lines

NIC - Network Information Center, such as InterNIC

NIC Handle - Used by Network Solutions. A unique identifier, comprised of up to 10 alpha-numeric characters that is assigned to each contact record, domain name record, and network record in the Network Solutions database.

nslookup - Name Server Lookup; A UNIX utility used to query Internet domain name servers. An nslookup is usually used to find the IP address corresponding to a hostname. An nslookup may also be used to find other types of information such as CNAME - the canonical name for an alias; MINFO - mailbox or mail list information; MX - mail exchanger information; NS - the name server for the named zone; and SOA the domain's start-of-authority information.



On Hold (see Deactivation)

One-Page Mini-Site - A single web page intended as a "place holder" for a domain name. The contact information displayed on this page may be edited by the user.



Parking - A domain name registration that does not include domain name hosting or forwarding services. Users can park a domain name to reserve it for future use.

POP3 (see Post Office Protocol, Version 3)

Post Office Protocol, Version 3 (POP3) - A protocol that allows a user to retrieve e-mail from a mail server by way of an Internet connection. POP e-mail is most useful for users who lack a permanent network connection since it provides a virtual "post office" (the POP server) that will hold e-mail until it can be retrieved. POP3 does not specify a particular means of writing or sending mail; this function is handled by a mail transfer protocol such as SMTP.

Primary Name Server - The first name server queried when attempting to resolve an Internet address or domain name. If the primary name server is unavailable, the domain name's secondary name server (if one is defined) will be queried.

Protocol - A set of formal rules or conventions governing the transmission, treatment, and formatting of data in an electronic communications system.




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