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What it does

Using another company's DNS (or your own DNS) will mean that all web forwarding, e-mail forwarding, MX records, CNAMEs and A Records will be handled by those nameservers. NameSecure will no longer have control over these services. (You can switch back to NameSecure at any time.)

How to use it

1. Log in to My Account and click Modify/Update for the domain name.
2. Click the Registration Information tab.
3. Click Modify Domain Name Servers.
4. Use Other Name Servers.
5. Enter the host name for the server (example: in the text field. DO NOT enter the numeric IP address for the server.
6. Click Add button.
7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 if you have more than one server to add.
8. When you are finished adding nameservers, click OK.