Create A Web Page With One-Page Mini-Site

NameSecure's One-Page Mini-Site is the easiest way to create a professional looking home page at your domain name. You simply enter information about your business and turn it on. (The Mini-Site is an alternative to Web Forwarding, which attaches your domain name to an existing Web site.)


Getting It

The One-Page Mini-Site is included with every new domain name registration. You also get a One-Page Mini-Site when you transfer a domain name to NameSecure, or when you renew your domain with NameSecure.

Setting It Up

After you purchase a domain name registration, you can visit My Account to configure your One-Page Mini-Site settings.

Taking the Next Step

The One-Page Mini-Site is a great way to easily, quickly, and effortlessly get started with your presence on the Internet. It's perfect for putting some basic information on the Web about your business - your hours, your location, your identity - but you may soon want a more comprehensive Web presence.

To find out more about how to build your complete Web site, check out our Tools & Resources section.